Hand loomed textiles

Aesthetic sustainable textiles and tailored garments

Rejkjær garment is handmade and tailored "one of a kind" pieces made of natural fiber materials - danish wool.  

The textiles and garments are designed with a poetic and aesthetic tone, where color, shape, functionality, simplicity and sustainability forms the baseline. Aesthetics and ethics goes "hand in hand", and we strive for creating as little waste as possible when producing the garments.

The looms are completely manuel. All the textile and clothes are created by Dorthe Rejkjær in her studio on Aeroe - Denmark.

My weaving studio is located in the countryside on the beautiful island Aeroe - Ærø. A small island located in southern Denmark.

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Rejkjær strives for the customer to achieve a sense of aesthetic nutrition and awareness about, that high quality clothing supports a sustainable lifestyle and a poetic personal style. Customers that wear Rejkjær design will "stand out", and "blend in" at the same time. 

Rejkjær collaborate with co-operative micro partnerships, local and international tailors, weavers, dyers and spinners.

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Rejkjær creates favorite wardrobe pieces and releases them one at a time to create a well and highly curated small range of minimal designs. This unique approach allows us to focus on what we care the most of, and taking the time to design and develop the best possible products.

Rejkjær catalyzes creation of co-operative, socio economic business partnerships, where the micro businesses is working together in developing new sustainable quality fibers and accessory products across the world. 


Rejkjær think and work sustainable - both environmental and human in all we do, and supports local manufacturing.


We consider the environmental and human impact at every stage of the design and making process and focuses on "zero waste" in the designs.


Design process

It always starts with the yarns. The yarns ignites my creative design process. When the yarn arrives at my studio, the transformation begins. 

I work at the loom for several weeks, and the weaving transforms into the unique textiles that later on will become the garment pieces. This process is a physically intensive process, a rhythmic act of hands, mind and soul.

The design process is based on a design thinking philosophy, where the use of creative tools and creative limitations are part of the process. Reflection, sample making, designing, openness and action leads to many hours by the loom before the final piece is available in the store.


Rejkjær collaborate with local and international sheep farmers, weavers, dyers and spinners. With sustainable thinking and with care for the environment. 

Garment care - Treat with care.


The hand loomed and tailored Rejkjær garments have the potential to last for many many years.

Treat and wash with care. Hand wash with wool or silk detergent. Flat dry between towels only. Or - the best, hang  the garment out in the fresh air.

To avoid unnecessary waste, and if the garments gets damaged repair and/or redesign your garment. You can always return items in need of reparation.

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